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About SPS-Distribution

SPS Distribution is a small rider run company, aiming to bring, what we feel, is the highest quality gear to you, the rider/racer. If it don't work, we won't sell it you.

SPS formed in 2005 and began with 1 brand and a 2 man DH team, this quickly expanded into XC and Enduro, we are constantly looking for other directions to move the company forward. This will normally start with the team riders getting parts to test, if they don't work for them, we won't sell them to you.

halfwidth_Parrp Quad.jpg

The Italian brand MDE, is a complete bespoke build, you can choose the colour, dropouts and even adjust the head angle. These bikes have been under constant testing in 2011 and have been outstanding, not even a bearing has worn out or a bolt come loose.

Another Italian brand is Ancillotti, handuilt to order in PISA by Alberto and Tomaso Ancillotti.

The unique pullshock system is no stranger to any MX riders out there, this frame is built to last and you still see early naughties frames still being raced. Full range of spares usually carried.